We produce and market a wide complete range of specialized high quality aquatic feeds-floating & sinking pellet fish feed for all aquaculture species at different growth stages including catfsih, tilapia, trout,sturgeon, grouper and more.

        The nutritionally complete and balanced aqua feed formulated by an experienced animal nutritionist team is to meet the full nutritional requirements of fish throughout their life cycle from hatch to market. Our quality control department has established a very strict quality control system. The stringent physical inspection and checmical analysis are tested, certified and proved to ensure that the best raw materials are used in all of our animal feed. Continual monitoring from the initial purchasing quality ingredients to the throughtout manufacturing process, as well as post-production testing, ensure you receive the product that meets your expectations for high-quality standard feeds.


    High quality fish meal, Active yeast powder,Wheat Gluten Meal ,Soybean meal,Fish oil, Multi Vitamin, Minerals,Trace elements



    Protein 30%-50% (customize)

    Fat 5%-20% (customize)

    Pellet size 1mm-8mm(customize)

    Package:15kg/20/kg/25/kg per bag (pp bag/ kraft paper bag ),we can print your logo on the bag.


   1. Easy digestibility and absorption

   2. Nutritionally well balanced

   3. Excellent attractability and palatability

   4. Excellent FCR with optimum growth

   5. Ideal Water Stability and maintains eco-friendly water quality

   6. Faster and healthy Growth with high Survival rate of  fish


13 MT can be load in 1*20FT container

26 MT can be load in 1*40FT container

Minimum Order: 1*20ftcontainer

Expiry Date: 1 year

Stroage Condition: Keep it dry, ventilative and cool,out of direct sun

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